What is Helkama?

Heikki Juho Helkama founded on 1905 a machinery store that Heikki J. Helkama (Hellman till 1928) opened for bicycles and sewing machines in Tampere. The store was moved to Vyborg in 1915. The main store was opened in Helsinki in 1934. Operations were heavily expanded after the war to include car imports and own industries, overseen by Heikki J. Helkama’s sons Matti, Paavo, Pekka and Eero Helkama. Presently, the Helkama Companies employ about five hundred staff.

The Helkama Companies were restructured into four groups divided between the family branches led by Matti, Pekka and Eero Helkama In 1986. The changes were implemented with the view of creating a group of functional units capable of independent decision-making. The division proved successful, and Helkama today is a conglomerate comprising four independent groups of companies still owned by the immediate and extended family in the fourth generation now

Helkama’s Field of Operations

Helkama Companies operate in the following areas:
• Imports of Skoda automobiles, Avis Car Rental, and Budget Car Rental by Helkama-Auto Oy
• Real estate business by Helkama-Kiinteistöt Oy
• Suomen Koneliike Oy is a holding company and also operates in real estate business.
• Shipping and forwarding services, PDI for imported cars, and real estate business by the Uuttera Group
• Cable manufacture by Helkama Bica Oy, and bicycle manufacture and import of Helkama Velox Oy
and bicycle import and retailsale of Suomen Polkupyörätukku Oy. These companies are subsidiaries of Helkama Emotor Oy

Cars, spare parts and rental operations

Helkama-Auto imports Skoda automobiles, accessories and spare parts. Helkama is the longest standing Skoda automobile importer in existence, for it started importing Skoda vehicles as early as in 1947. The company has owned the Finnish license for AVIS Car Rental since 1986 and for Budget Car Rental since June 2009. Helkama-Auto employees about 80 staff and the company’s headquarters are in Espoo. Helkama Logistics Services offer warehouse hotel services and operate from the same building. The president of the Helkama-Auto is Maija Koskela and president of Helkama Rent is Timo Orilähde.
www.helkama-auto.fi | www.skoda.fi | www.avis.fi | www.budget.fi

Cables for ships and industry

Helkama Emotor's subssidiary Helkama Bica Oy in Hanko is specialized in ship and industrial cables and its expertise goes back four decades to the Hanko-based Helkama Radio factory. Helkama Bica's subsidiary Helkama Bica Shanghai operates in it's factory in Shanghai, China. Nowadays, the share of exports to 60 countries amounts to 80% of Helkama Bica’s turnover. The most notable end users are ships, large industrial plants and real estate. Helkama Bica Oy employs 150 staff and its president is Mikko Mattila.
www.helkamabica.fi  www.helkamaemotor.fi

Bicycles which only lack reverse gear

Helkama Emotor's subsidiary Helkama Velox Oy designs and manufactures the popular Helkama bicycles. Helkama’s bicycles and electric bicycles for professional use and recreation are manufactured in Hanko. Helkama manufactures special bicycles for handicapped and elderly people as well as for industrial transportation needs. Apart from new bicycle models the factory continues to make the bicycles so loved by Finnish people, Aino, Oiva and Jopo, all also as electric bicycles. All steed frame Helkama bicycles are given a 10 year warranty. Helkama bicycles are exported to 9 countries, and Sweden is the largest market area. Helkama Velox employs 55 staff and the president is Tero Valtonen. www.helkamavelox.fi  www.helkamaemotor.fi

Suomen Polkupyörätukku Oy

Suomen Polkupyörätukku Oy is the largest bicycle retail sale chain in Finland. The president of the company is Marita Leminen.  www.suomenpolkupyoratukku.fi  www.helkamaemotor.fi